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>> professor is the warren of 1812 the second to revolutionary war? >> may think it is to get the independence. unnecessary sequel the american revolution. but historians say it
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it -- america was not at stake they had us thinking that but just after words people were publishing books and 1816 calling it the light tore, or the late for the yen did was they biblical parable and reproduced the cadences of the bible. but it was the way to think about it. the war was over 1815. >>host: why was it fought?
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>>guest: it is one of the more tangled problems. historians point* two grievances the united states had against great britain. many are associated with maritime disputes because this is the middle of the napoleonic wars. and the british need to keep them were real baby manned and then the gap british and the then very badly route
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the period so there is a range of those grievances. the reason it was fought to this many disputes were preceded by a number of years with the summer of 1811 the main grievance was the council. our british form of the executive order. but the british proclaims sweeping blockades designed to stop the new trolls. from taking the experts and the produce in europe.
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they have been disputing this and it seems it could be negotiated. and the event that the british will not
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were a. >> it is hard to do public opinion likely due but is the most important but to declaration incongruous were not by wide margins in the house of representatives. it was very close in the senate. 19/13 if three boats had changed the senate, it could not pass the war bell. and it debated near the two weeks and it was touch and go.
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why it was expedient for the united states to go to great britain after all. >>host: did we have the standing army? >> it was small. on paper bree word to have 10,000. on the eve of the war it is about half of that. but the federalist were opposed to war. at the time they were compliant the the federalist
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but the not unlike jefferson but there were based roughly new england and in particular herb massachusetts and connecticut. the stake government's probably the majority of people republican-led congressmen were assaulted by people. the president was haying in
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effigy. the federalist that the republicans wordpro french and it would serve the interest to napoleon. they wanted to train with the british empire and generally and their wanted to cut off train but to also the board was not in their interest as they understood it. it was local and eventually that to culminates at the
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harvard convention late 1814. the purpose was to pressure the government to give a defense which england does not do well by that stage. and then to pay for the defense of new include but republicans suspected it was a plot to and thinking they secede from the union of which they wanted no part. that did not come to pass as
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they were a careful not to leave a significant paper trail but the actions were more moderate than what was suggested of the manifestation of the widespread discontent as they say it is a disaster that had no redeeming features at all. >>host: how did the war wrap up? >>guest. [laughter] is often said let's not. i prefer the word stalemate it has the mutual
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publication of exhaustion that it is the underlying reason was napoleon was overthrown and in that sense the pretext was disappearing and becoming more and more questionable. wondering if the war should continue, eventually of predation peace treaty was continued. and the treaty's said absolutely nothing about the issues and it was entirely
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silent within a problems in its dates wished to solve. about the restoration of peace and the establishment of commissions and in the postwar period. the canadians always said it is a great jury and that is what they are working with the bicentennial year. the british say they have forgotten all about the war. but if you press them they
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say they don't think the americans lost the joke is the americans are happy because they think they one and the canadians are happier because they know they want it and the british are the happiest they forget the whole figure ever happened. >>host: where did you grow up? >> christ church new zealand. this city of 10,000 earthquakes. >>host: how did you read about the diversity of virginia? >> i was in new zealand at the time but they offered me a job. late 1980's which included
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the paper ears of james madison which is the definitive edition of the founding fathers thomas jefferson, adams, washington , franklin, i wrote on medicine and the president said tell us about the project and teach for us. it is like the tried in fighting the anthropologist. they usually accept the invitation to 72 american history in new zealand, what to were the important things
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other people should know about our history? >>guest: forerunners? people overseas? one example of a misconception that you have to deal with. american media films, television have an enormous impact on australia and new zealand because they are a producer of those and and some ways it is enormously influential. but i would start off to say how many have been to the united states? not been a had and those had
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not been to the west coast. almost nobody to the east coast. one student said she had been to disneyland. is all of america like that? you have to pause before you answer. no. it is large and diverse the east coast this quite different from the west coast and with the subject matter that i talked, and $0.7 that prides this system
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at all and would new teaching societies of the british empire. the united states did. but to convey the sense of the span of american history, not much is taught in schools. a society has the enormous number of what preconceptions the very little is grounded with any knowledge of the history of the united states. because it is the dominant role power, they don't know
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much about it. but i know how much success the university alters the big picture. >>host: finally, finally, professor, at the end of the war what was james madison's reputation and? >>guest: from the moment the peace treaty was signed comment during the war it to some pretty low and looking how he did a pretty bad job and his supporters were disenchanted because they did not like great britain. wants it was over, america
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suffers no major damages. they turn to survival two major victory. last two years of his presidency were the two most popular years with his reputation soaring. it was pretty miserable before that. he went on a crowd of popularity to seven at copy of the book. the war of 1812. published by cambridge university press.
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>> the republican primary has caused romney to move so far to the right he is off the board. if candidates appearing in new hampshire. the question is do you agree of $1 of taxes or $10 of cuts? anybody in a civilized world would say it would not one hand went up. nobody. but i ran for the nomination
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of our bosses nine people was a question was how britney promise. that is ridiculous. you cannot abolish the department to. you have herman cain and 1/2 shura and another but playing for the county's played into his strength. but as soon as the people who found out the things
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that he has changed positions more often than the pornographic movie queen. [laughter] then i say who do life-support in november? [laughter] do said not senator arlen [laughter] do said not senator arlen specter presidency 10 arlen specter. i am not happy with the president obama frankly. the policy in afghanistan as absurd. i spoke out on the senate floor against 30,000 additional troops. there is no outcry if there. i was part of the ability shin weekend do business with. obama's extended it

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